Category: Psychology of Litigation

Responsibility for Emotional Distress

Emotional Distress. Sometimes it is an element of damages, but it can also be an independent claim in personal injury and wrongful death cases. What does this mean to you or your claim? Oklahoma has standard Uniform Jury Instructions that address the basics of emotional distress for a jury to understand their role in awarding […]

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Most Frequently Requested Legal Issues Explained

In almost two decades of questions from the public at large, I have determined the top five issues people have that compel them to contact an attorney, & created a video for each. 5. Injuries. The public at large is concerned as it should be about what to do if injured. The answer to this […]

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The Psychology of Litigation: Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Going to court can bring out stress. People do not always behave their best and it is usually one of the worst periods in a person’s life. Whether your lawsuit is against a formerspouse, employer, business partner, or another, it is not unusual for the pressure to push someone into an uncharacteristic mental state. This […]

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