Employment Resources

Here we have provided a list of organizations that help individuals find jobs or offer support for troubles you may be facing with employment.

To File Charge of Discrimination or Retaliation:
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
: (800) 669-4000
State of Oklahoma Office of Civil Rights Enforcement: (405) 521-2029

Wage & Unemployment Claims:
Department of Labor Wage Claims: (405) 521-6100
Filing Unemployment Claim

Resources for the Self Employed:
National Association for the Self-Employed
The U.S. Small Business Bureau
National Federation of Independent Business
National Small Business Association
The Self Employed
IRS for Small Businesses Online Learning & Education Products
Quickbooks for the Self Employed
IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center 

Acquiring Employment:
Dress for Success – Look Your Best for Interviews
Center for Employment Opportunities
CAP Tulsa – No Cost Career Training
Overcoming Job Transition
Oklahoma Works
Career Builder

If you have any questions about any organizations below, or have any suggestions of additional organizations please feel free to contact us. Ms. Cinocca has a book on professions in the legal field, if interested, see here or here.