Family Resources

Here are organizations that offer families support. Many of the organizations below offer a wide variety of services set aside for children including: new clothes, school supplies, and diapers/infant supplies.

Family Resources:
Family and Children’s Services- Helping Children Cope with Divorce Seminar, Counseling; Anger management & more. 
Tulsa Dream CenterClothing, adult education, after school programs, legal advice, medical clinic, & recreational games.
Neighbor Along the Line– Education, school supplies, AA, Legal Aid.
Volunteers of AmericaHousing, financial management assistance.
James Mission- Clothing, toys, toiletries, & baby supplies.
Caring Community Friends- Food, clothing, prescriptions, & utilities.
CAP Tulsa- Education, financial, housing, employment, food, & medical.

Young Lives Teen Moms
Planned Parenthood
Catholic Charities of Tulsa– Pregnancy, adoption, education services, & more.
Margaret Hudson Program- Education, medical, counseling, infant supplies, and early childhood education to pregnant and parenting adolescents.

Infant Services:
Emergency Infant Services– (assist children 5 & younger with items such as formula, food, diapers, clothing, and infant gear)


Muscogee/Creek Nation Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Services
Family Crisis & Counseling Center
Indian Health Care Resource Center
Family and Children’s Services
Palmer – Substance Abuse Treatment
Tulsa Boys Home
Wings of Freedom
Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma
Human Skills & Resources
Celebrate Recovery
Al-Anon – support for friends & family of problem drinkers
Alateen– fellowship of young Al-Anon members
Narcotics Anonymous

Domestic Violence:
Oklahoma State Courts Network: Protective Orders
Domestic Violence Intervention Services

Youth at Heart– Education and recreational activities.
YMCA Tulsa

Regional Groups:
Owasso Community Resources- Food, Pick 5 Market, utility and rent assistance, job center, school supplies, seasonal gifts.
Bristow Social Services– Clothing, personal care products, diapers/infant supplies, school supplies.
Wagoner Area NeighborsVarious depending on what is needed & not covered by existing programs.
Sand Springs Community ServicesFood, clothing, clothing, ID and Birth Certificate assistance for employment purposes, bus passes for the newly employed, financial assistance & school supplies.
Arms Around BA– Medical, food, personal care items, infant supplies, gas costs, clothing, utilities, housing, & rent assistance.

Divorce Counseling:
Family and  Children’s Services offers DivorcePre-maritalCouples/Marriage Counseling, & more.
Asbury Divorce Recovery
Marriage Solutions– Pre-marital
Family Solutions Counseling– Couples & Pre-Marital
Family Christian Counseling- (Pre-) Marital & Divorce Recovery
Help OKC– (Pre-)Marriage & Couples Counseling
OSU Prepare Enrich– Pre-maritial & Marriage Enrichment

If you have any questions about any organizations below, or have any suggestions of additional organizations please feel free to contact us.

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