Financial Planning Resources

Here are organizations that offer financial advice.

Financial Planning
Dave Ramsey          Suze Orman
Money Management International

Retirement Planning:
Social Security Retirement
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement Rules
Market Watch Retirement Planner
Vanguard Retirement Income Calculator

General Budgeting, Along with Credit Counseling:
Christian Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling Centers of Oklahoma
Debt Reduction Services 

Financial Assistance:
Social Security
Oklahoma Disability Office
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Child Support Enforcement

Rent and Utility Assistance:
Red Cross Assistance for Military Families
Bristow Social Services
Caring Community Friends
Light a Life
Owasso Community Resources
Sand Springs Community Services
Neighbor to Neighbor 
Helping Hand Ministries
Bixby Outreach Center
Restore Hope

Credit Reports:

Tax Assistance:
VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Education Finance:
Oklahoma’s Promise
OK 529 Savings Plan

See other categories as well for charitable services, like food, shelter, and health.

If you have any questions about any organizations below, or have any suggestions of additional organizations please feel free to contact us.

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