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Ms. Cinocca litigates serious discrimination cases and retaliation cases only. These cases usually involve long term employees or cases with direct evidence. We realize that many people have claims with merit, regardless of whether we are able to take that case or not. For would be clients or anyone experiencing work problems, we have prepared this video to help you prepare your issues with your employer for discussion with an attorney. If you would like to schedule a consultation with us, please also complete the EEOC Initial Intake Worksheet for Discussion Purposes. It requests pertinent information and will help you organize your thoughts, learning what information is of particular initial importance. If your case is already pending with the EEOC or Oklahoma Civil Rights Enforcement Division of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office provide us with those documents to consider your case.


  1.  List & Document Your Adverse Actions By Date
  2.  Acquire Your Employee Handbook, Company Policies, Emails & Pertinent Documents
  3.  Schedule an Attorney Consultation with Us by Phone

It may be helpful to read Employee Discharge and Documentation in Oklahoma: FMLA Overview and FMLA Litigation where Ms. Cinocca discusses topics such as: Discrimination, Wrongful Discharge, the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, Workers Compensation, the Employee Handbook, various Policies, and Employment Agreement.

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