Divorce Attorney Fee Calculator

Thank you for visiting our Divorce Fee Calculator. This interactive program is designed to allow you to see important factors that impact the cost of your divorce. Be aware that the default answers are the least expensive answers! You may test a variety of scenarios to assess how each may affect your case cost. red-calculator

Whether you simply want to provide feedback or us to review the factors in your divorce, let us know. Before you press “Calculate,” the Calculator will require you to enter your information; however, you may remain anonymous. Remember, if you and your soon to be ex-spouse can agree on terms, you can always pay a flat fee for an Agreed Decree that may be as low as $1,000.00! For more information, please see our Family Law page and Blog. There are videos and resources there. We wish you the best and hope to have been of service now and in the future!


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Disclaimer: Like most attorneys, we make no guarantee as to the time and expense involved; however, we hope that this Calculator can educate you about 1. the possible cost of a divorce in Tulsa and Oklahoma Counties; and 2. factors that can increase the cost of your divorce. Costs for attorneys vary depending on billing practices and procedures, use of legal assistants or other personnel at lower rates, and the rate of the attorney versus that law firm’s efficiency. Rates are typically lower in smaller counties and towns than Oklahoma City and Tulsa, when you choose local counsel. We hope that this tool can help expectations and management in your divorce.

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