Tulsa Business, Family Law & Personal Injury Attorney

This firm strives to serve the needs of clients tailored to each, while serving the community with legal information, resources, and an interactive attorney fee program. Ms. Cinocca’s background includes an MBA, real-world business and legal experience, in state and federal courts, locally and nationally. She handles wrongful death and catastrophic injury claims, business disputes and family law matters. She is an experienced Oklahoma Business and Family law attorney, with catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death experience. 

Please see our Golden Rule page for a compilations of resources, some legal and some not, designed to answer common questions we have had by the public at large for the past few decades. The top three of the highest call volume topics we received during that time are: 1. Employee Complaints; 2. Family Law Matters; and 3. Business Matters. With the sheer frequency and number of calls over two decades in mind, we created videos to address common issues. Visit those service area pages to find them or our blog here. We hope they can help you get started with basic information you may need.

Over the past two decades, we have also witnessed the financial strain of divorce and difficulty those burdened with attorney fees and costs have faces. Proper expectations can help lessen dissatisfaction and help the public properly manage their divorce. With this public service in mind —  to help people manage their divorces better — we created our Divorce Attorney Fee Calculator. It is an interactive program. Depending on your answers to the questions asked, there may be more. The questions were formulated by Ms. Cinocca after years of witnessing various factors that cause divorce costs to sky rocket. The questions and answers, let you know what they are. The cost calculated is not precise and may be lower or higher depending on many factors and disclaimers, but the factors that cause the costs to increase are still what they are. Feel free to use this program under various scenarios and think about what a divorce could be like depending on the chosen answers. Choose anything but the default answer, and watch the litigation cost after “Calculate” rise! You may play anonymously as well and feel free to Contact Us if you have any suggestions or questions.

Additionally, we have a blog that provides information by area of practice, book reviews, and information about resources on our Golden Rule page. Many of our blogs have especially helpful legal information. However, the information on this website is provided as a public service and for clients, but is not to be construed as legal advice. You should always consult with an attorney as to your specific matter for the best advice possible. If you need legal representation, whether your matter is large or small, please let us know. Feel free to use the resources at this website. Thank you for visiting us online.

With that experience, Tracy A. Cinocca, P.C., serves clients in practice areas that include:

Business Law

Tulsa Business Attorney: Tracy A. Cinocca, handles a full range of business legal matters as an Oklahoma Business and Family law attorney. The largest percentage of Ms. Cinocca’s business practice is in litigation involving family businesses or those between two or more partners. Litigation issues usually include written and oral agreements, fiduciary duties, injunctions, replevin, confidential, trade and other proprietary secrets, business separations and stock owner buyouts, & business dissolutions. She performs litigation services for both businesses and their employees or customers.

Also, Ms. Cinocca provides comprehensive business consultation on employee policies, procedures and manuals and compliance with existing discrimination and retaliation laws, human resource management and grievance procedures, business plan developments, investor agreements, formation, restrictive buy sale agreements, acquisitions and mergers, marketing issues in traditional mediums as well as internet, advertising, customer satisfaction and collections issues, management of in-house and external corporate counsel issues, including trade mark, copyright and intellectual property matters, & assisting upper management with business decision making and risk analysis.

Family Law

Tulsa Family, Divorce and Custody Law Attorney: Tracy Cinocca frequently handles complex divorces involving family-owned businesses and custody matters. Any divorce matter can be difficult, but children or a business can complicate the emotional and financial aspects of a divorce. Though Ms. Cinocca always encourages her clients to resolve matters amicably, sometimes this is not possible and trial services are needed. Whether you desire an amicable settlement of a divorce or expect difficult contested litigation, Ms. Cinocca can help you. Ms. Cinocca is an experienced Oklahoma Business and Family law attorney. She has provided a full service family law practice including divorce, child support and custody, visitation, and property division, including businesses. Her firm also handles post-decree modifications. Ms. Cinocca began her domestic practice from clients who owned their own businesses. Divorces often involve family-owned businesses or the self-employed. Tracy A. Cinocca, P.C., has almost twenty years of experience protecting business interests during divorces and civil litigation, and in protecting the interest of children.

Tracy Cinocca zealously advocates her client’s and their children’s best interests in custody determinations. In an ideal world both parents can be equally involved and positive role models for their children through joint custody, co-parenting and cooperation. However, this is not always possible, especially when the parents cannot communicate properly. Children should be allowed the love of both parents without one alienating the children from the other.

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Products Liability

Tulsa Personal Injury Law: Tracy A. Cinocca, P.C., handles all aspects of personal injury law. Ms. Cinocca has successfully resolved many personal injury cases including trucking disasters, slip and falls, car accidents, injuries to children and pregnant women, premises liability, products liability, and construction accidents. The goal is fair and just financial compensation for every client.

Tracy A. Cinocca, P.C., offers large-firm experience in a small-firm atmosphere. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the firm serves all of Tulsa County including Broken Arrow, Wagoner, Sapulpa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Mounds, Okmulgee, Tahlequah, Sand Springs, Claremore, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, Norman, and Oklahoma City.