If you are visiting this page, we understand you may be undergoing one of the most stressful times in your life. You may be ready for divorce or just considering it as an option, if things do not improve. The factors many of our clients expressed as grounds for divorce, do not necessarily match the legally recognized grounds for divorce, but they come close. (To see legally recognized grounds for divorce in Oklahoma go here).

In a nutshell, our typical client faces the dissolution of their marriage after serious emotional separation, infidelity, substance abuse, financial strain, lack of physical intimacy, or from a simple desire to be free. Sometimes, there is abuse or serious problems with children. Whatever your situation, rest assured the Courts handle such disputes daily and are able to help with the separation of assets and liabilities and time shares with the children, if you and your spouse cannot. The Court, however, is not equipped to handle emotional wounds.

If you need more time to consult with counselors, pastors, friends or family, take the time you need. It is a big decision. Some pre-divorce planning may be warranted, depending on your situation as well. As far as the financial, aspect of divorce, know your current monthly budget and how it will change in divorce. Remember your divorce is very much part of a financial plan, not just the separation of a home and its residents. 

At Cinocca Law, we guide you through the divorce litigation process with focus on fair outcomes. We ensure you are well-informed and supported throughout the process. While we prioritize amicable settlements, sometimes this is not possible. Sometimes, separating couples require their day in court. We are prepared to represent you, protect your interests and future. We strive to achieve the results you deserve.



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