Most Frequently Requested Legal Issues Explained

Most Frequently Requested Legal Issues Explained

In almost two decades of questions from the public at large, I have determined the top five issues people have that compel them to contact an attorney, & created a video for each.

5. Injuries. The public at large is concerned as it should be about what to do if injured. The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the facts and circumstances of your injury. We created a general video to talk about the large umbrella called “tort” law. What might be a tort and what may not be a tort? Could you have a claim? We recommend before contacting an attorney, if you are unsure, think about safety. Did someone fail to keep premises safe? You may already know the area of tort such as an automobile accident or a slip and fall. But what about a child who jumps on an oil rig and his leg is crushed? Or, a child visiting his father at an industrial plant who is hurt? What about a person who is hurt playing with wild dogs kept as pets? Did a doctor or nurse cause you harm? If a person or company violates any safety compliance rules or regulations, they may be liable for damages sustained by you or your child. Think about your safety and those of others.

4. Business Start Ups and Separations. Entrepreneurs abound with start up questions. We wrote a blog for those people here. But, the more highly litigated matter in need of serious legal representation tends to be once the business has started and disagreements among partners occur. We created a video to help disagreeing partners know basic steps they should take to handle disputes, whether an attorney is needed or not, and a blog about company policies you need to develop. An attorney can help you with these business matters as well.

3. Child Custody.  Child Custody is a component of divorce of great concern. Remember your decisions are about the best interests of the children. If you are contemplating or going through a divorce with children, please watch this for general information most sought.

2. All Divorces.  People have so many questions on divorce. Most people have limited resources, so we are here to help. We have blogged on many issues of importance you may search in our website or visit or family law service page. We also filmed this video on what to do at the start of your divorce, with or without children.

And, the number one cause for concern of Oklahomans in the general public is:

EMPLOYEE ISSUES. The most pervasive area of complaints received has been in employment. As opposed to providing a dissertation on employment law, which I did not feel would be helpful for any of the callers unhappy at work, which I received in the past twenty years, I prepared this video to tell all would-be callers what to do to organize their thoughts into a format to help the attorney. I spent hours and hours, and likely months of my life, on the phone with people upset at their employers. Many times their upset was so severe that I was afraid to leave them alone and hang up the phone. I even had a caller get so upset he died a few days later from what I believe was the stress of the situation. It is important to remain calm. If you are really upset or just concerned about how you are treated at work, please work through this video to follow its instructions. Keep calm, and focus on the issues your attorney and a Court may consider most important here. It provides a framework needed for legal analysis of claims.

With the sheer frequency and number of calls over two decades in mind we created these videos to address these common issues. Visit those service area pages to find out more information, or search our website for information in the search bar in the upper right corner.

We hope we can help you get started with basic information you may need.

See also our video How to Choose a Lawyer.

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