It’s About Safety – Personal Injury & Wrongful Death



Personal Injury and Wrongful Death:

\”It has been shown that to injury anyone is never just anywhere\”- Socrates

This is a great quote, it is the reverse axiom of the Golden Rule. Personal injury law covers a lot of ground of many different situations of people who are injured. People generally think of legal actions involving automobile accidents and that’s because of the commercials they see. Other categories of claims usually involve safety and safety compliance. Administrative and regulatory agencies create and enforce rules for our safety. If a company or person violates those rules they may be liable for any damages sustained by you or your child.

It is all about safety! If someone failed to maintain safe working order, violated safety rules, or created an unreasonably dangerous condition, especially to children, they may be liable for  damages.

There are two main aspects for personal injury claims: Liability & Damages. The clearer liability and the higher the damages, the better case a person usually has for compensation. If there are proceeds available to pay the claim of course.

Now lets take a moment and talk about Wrongful Death Actions. If your accident involved the death of a loved one you will need to find out whether they had a will or trust and a list of all possible heirs at law. That means their parents, their brothers, sisters, their spouse, and their children. When you take that information to your attorney, your attorney can decide the best course to handle any litigation related to that. This involves determining whether a probate action should be filed to establish an estate or whether a spouse, child, or parent can maintain an action independently on their own right.

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