Day-to-Day Injury Recovery Journal Paperback – March 12, 2024 by Tracy A. Cinocca JD/MBA (Author)

We are pleased to announce this recovery journal available on amazon for purchase. This log book allows a user to track their recovery from injury or other conditions for a up to a month. It contains attorney recommended questions to record and reflect upon to maximize health and recovery, while preserving a record of your physical and mental journey. Purchase as many books as needed depending on the amount of days you want to track.

Day-to-Day Injury Recovery Journal
Maximize your recovery journey with the Day-to-Day Injury Recovery Journal, a comprehensive tool designed to support you from the moment of your injury or surgery towards a symptom-free future. Here’s what makes this journal your indispensable recovery companion:
Daily Log Sheets: Benefit from a month’s supply of daily log sheets, each thoughtfully designed to capture essential recovery details.
Attorney-Recommended: Features three repeating pages of critical information recommended by attorneys for documenting your recovery process efficiently.
Flexible Date Entry: Customize your entries by date, whether you choose to update daily or at intervals, marking the number of days since the accident.
Tailored Quantity: Order as many copies as you need, depending on the length of your recovery period.
Comprehensive Coverage:
Medications: Keep track of your prescriptions and dosages.
Doctor Appointments: Record dates, times, and notes from medical consultations.
Physical Symptoms: Note any physical discomfort, ailments, or progress.
Pain and Suffering: Document the intensity and nature of your pain.
Emotional Distress: Reflect on your emotional and mental well-being throughout recovery.
Body Areas Affected- Note each and every body area affected and how — critically important for on-the-job injuries.
User-Friendly Design: Whether you’re new to journaling or a seasoned enthusiast, this journal simplifies the documentation process, making it easy to note down crucial details. For those who enjoy a more detailed account, there’s room to expand on your experiences.
Customizable Pages: With space to date each entry and note the days post-accident, tailor your journal to match your unique recovery path using as many or as few pages as you may need per day or even skipping days.

Embark on your recovery with confidence, knowing that while financial restitution is important, your health and well-being take precedence. Here’s to your full and rapid recovery!

Day-to-Day Injury Recovery Journal