The Summons and Notice of Automatic Injunction


So, either you have served your spouse or your spouse has been served. What happens on service? Unless waived by the parties, page two of the Summons you receive on service with your Petition contains many do’s and don’ts during the pendency of your divorce. Click here for the Summons and Notice of Automatic Injunction form. The language is a bit complicated and sometimes hard to apply to your facts. But here are a few examples:

1. Do not disturb the peace of the other party;

2. Do not open or divert the other’s party’s mail;

3. Do not cancel health or life insurance benefits. As a basic rule, if you spend money, be able to account for it and answer for the expenditure or you may be in trouble!

Read the language in the automatic injunction carefully, and be prepared to discuss any questions with an attorney! We\’re always here to help.