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Last Will and Testament Estate Plan

It is best to store your estate plan documents in more than one place. They should be stored in an easy-to-find place should something happen to you, so that it may be easily found. Best practices, involves the use of a bound binder for this purpose. We recommend you choose to store your estate plan best to suit your needs. For example, if you prefer to keep it secret for a while, you might simply request from us a simple folder to tuck into your files or a drawer. However, under most other circumstances, we recommend a binder like this with the divider tabs that follow. Thankfully, these items are now available to everyone as easily as an Amazon click away. We found our preferred binder and divider system on Amazon, and you can, too. Choose your Estate Plan Binder, or let us choose one for you.

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Estate Plan Binder Recommended to hold estate planning documents wills and trusts
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