Personal Injury Law

Automobile, Trucking, Commercial Vehicle, Motorcycle, Pedestrian & Multi-Vehicle Accidents

We handle serious accidents on the road. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in accident, or even killed, please give us a call to discuss your matter. Remember, there are two aspects in claims: 1. Liability & 2. Damages. Be prepared to discuss these issues. If your accident for us to discuss involves a death of a loved one, ascertain whether that deceased individual left a Will or had a Trust, as well as the names of all possible heirs at-law for us to discuss. We can handle such a claims and address the best course, as to whether a probate action should be filed to establish an Estate.

And, remember, if you think you are getting the run around from another party’s insurance company, you probably are. Insurance companies make money by not paying claims, delaying payment, or paying significantly less than they should. Do not let this happen to you or a loved one. If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s irresponsibility, call Tracy Cinocca to help you.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, the typical documents we will need from you or to procure on your behalf are as follows:

1. Police Report

2. A copy of your driver’s license and automobile insurance verification

3. A copy of any and all medical insurance cards you have that may or could cover payments

4. All medical bills and records you have received

5. A list of every medical provider you have seen related to the accident

6. Three property damage estimates or just the one paid if it has been paid

7.  If you have a claim for lost wages verification of lost time from work and lost wages

8. Five sets of photographs of property damage and injuries in color

Being organized and prepared with your information and records, makes you a great client!