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Kendall Whittier Inc: A Golden Rule Resource

Kendall Whittier is an organization co-founded by several local churches who recognized the deterioration of the neighborhood in 1969. Today College Hill Presbyterian, Grace Lutheran, St. Francis Xavier, University United Methodist, and the University of Tulsa work together as the core of Kendall Whittier’s outreach programs. Today they offer an emergency food pantry open to families […]

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Street School: A Golden Rule Resource

Our Golden Rule page lists many organizations with resources to help those in need. One of those organizations, and one of our favorites, is Street School. Street School provides a unique opportunity to students who are unable to complete their studies in the traditional Tulsa public school system. This non-profit offers a tuition-free alternative high school. It […]

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Golden Rule: Resources Video for Access to Justice

Golden Rule Resources Access to Justice. We all want it. We all need it. Sometimes it may elude us, or we might not know where or how to get it. As a longtime attorney, I too often see unnecessary damage done to people- emotionally, financially, & physically. It may be situations such as: being singled out […]

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