Family & Children’s Services

Family & Children\’s Services

Family & Children Services offers many resources to help families and children. Not only does it offer the class \”Helping Children Cope With Divorce,\” which divorcing spouses with children\"Family-Childrens-Services\" together are ordered to attend, but they offer many other classes for children, general counseling at reduced prices, and even anger management courses. Family & Children Services is a great organization helping our community, you should look into for help for you or your family or to support!

If you are undergoing a divorce in Tulsa County with Children sign up for their Helping Children Cope with Divorce class you will be ordered to attend at the PPC or Parenting Plan Conference. Contact them or visit for any family, social or counseling needs. Also visit our Golden Rule Website or Family Law page for information to help you like this and in many other areas of life.

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