The Temporary Order Form at Your Parenting Plan Conference “PPC”

The Temporary Order Form at Your Parenting Plan Conference \”PPC\”

We should all be so wise as to maintain a clear monthly budget. Sound financial planning and management requires this of businesses and individuals. It is mandated to be disclosed at numerous phases during your divorce, too. So whether you are preparing to use this in Court for divorce or just as a form for your personal budgetary needs is up to you.

Below you will find a standard form provided at the end of your Parenting Plan Conference, which you are required to attend if you divorce with children of the marriage. \”Of the marriage\” means the children must be biological or actually adopted and 18 or younger or still in high school. It does not apply to step children, adult children out of high school or emancipated minors. From a review of the form, you will see the items listed and what is expected of you to be  ready to discuss a temporary order agreement at the end of the PPC. Please have the necessary documents and information ready to be able to do this.

One of the more difficult items to acquire to complete a Child Support Calculation including health insurance is a proper break down of the cost of health insurance. Different companies do this in different ways. The cost could be divided equally between family members, or as an initial payment higher than the others for an employee, then employee + 1, and so on. The Human Resource or other Benefits Administrator ought to be able to get you this break down on request before your Parenting Plan Conference.

Always have your recent paycheck stubs and three years of tax returns, whenever possible, as well as written proof of the cost of daycare. Documentation is support of each line item on the attached form should be assimilated to the extent possible as well. There are other factors and considerations as well which you should discuss with an attorney, especially as may be unique to your situation and not applicable in every case.

Temporary Order Agreement Form

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