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At Cinocca Law, we offer Comprehensive Divorce Guidance—ensuring you receive the reliable advice you need during challenging times. Whether you’re seeking Strategic Divorce Solutions or Confidential Divorce Support in Oklahoma, our expert team is committed to providing compassionate and personalized legal assistance. Navigating your divorce can be complex and emotionally taxing, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help protect your interests and guide you toward a favorable resolution. Contact us today to discover how we can empower you to move forward confidently and securely.



Tailored Solutions for Every Family

We offer specialized support for couples thinking about the legal ramifications of marriage, families seeking confidential treatment, couples who want to make sure their estate affairs and small businesses are in order, domestic partnerships, and others in personal relationships even if not married, seeking to enter into agreements that clearly delineate their rights, responsibilities and ownership of assets. This requires an attorney that understands the nuances of Oklahoma’s business environment and family law.



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Experienced Counsel: Led by Ms. Cinocca, who brings a rich background in business with an M.B.A. and law degree, our team offers a depth of knowledge in both business and legal compliance, as well as family law for over 25 years.


"We deliver custom-tailored legal insights to empower confident decision-making."

Tailored Legal Solutions Across Industries

Our Services

Cinocca Law offers a comprehensive suite of family law services designed to address the personal and legal complexities of family dynamics.

Premarital Legal Counseling:

Start with an overview of what entrepreneurship is and why it's important. Discuss the traits of successful entrepreneurs and how they drive innovation and economic growth.

Marital Trusts & Agreeements:

Separation and severance agreements are legal documents that outline the terms and conditions of an employee's departure from a company. While these agreements are often associated with terminations, they can also be used in other situations such as layoffs, resignations, or retirement.

Separation & Divorce Agreements:

This occurs when one party fails to fulfill its obligations under a contract. Disputes may arise over issues such as non-payment, delivery of goods or services, or failure to perform according to the terms of the agreement

Collaborative Divorce:

Collaborative Divorcece refers to the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. It encompasses the relationships between various stakeholders, including shareholders, management, the board of directors, employees, customers, and the broader community.

Divorce Litigation:

Our firm is committed to guiding you through the divorce litigation process with precision and a focus on securing fair outcomes. We aim to resolve disputes efficiently and ensure that you are well-informed and supported throughout the process. While we prioritize amicable settlements outside of court, our experienced attorneys are thoroughly prepared to represent you in court if necessary, always with a commitment to protecting your interests and future. We focus on simplifying the legal process and fostering collaboration to address and resolve critical issues effectively. By preparing meticulously and advocating strongly in court when needed, we strive to achieve the results you deserve.

Child Custody & Support:

Our firm offers legal expertise in child custody and support, focusing on clear and practical solutions. We handle the establishment, enforcement, and modification of custody arrangements and child support orders with precision and care. Our attorneys work diligently to create agreements that serve the best interests of the children and ensure fair and adequate support. We engage directly with all parties involved to facilitate agreements and adjustments based on changing circumstances. Our firm commits to protecting your rights while ensuring that your children receive the care and financial support necessary for their well-being. We aim for effective outcomes that maintain familial relationships and provide stability for children.

Paternity Rights:

Our firm specializes in paternity rights, providing clear legal support to establish, challenge, or confirm paternity. We understand the legal importance of paternity in issues such as child support, custody, and visitation rights. Our attorneys are well-versed in the laws governing paternity and use this knowledge to assist clients effectively. We handle each case with precision, whether guiding a client through the process of legally establishing paternity via DNA testing or representing clients in disputes over presumed paternity. Our goal is to ensure that all legal rights and responsibilities are recognized, allowing parents to fully participate in their children's lives. Whether you are seeking to establish paternity or need assistance with the ramifications of a paternity determination, we provide expert legal guidance to help you achieve a fair resolution.

High Asset Divorces:

Our firm excels in managing high asset divorces, providing strategic legal services tailored for individuals with substantial financial interests and complex asset portfolios. We understand that high asset divorces require not only a deep understanding of family law but also a nuanced approach to asset management and protection. Our experienced attorneys assist in navigating the complexities of substantial real estate holdings, investment portfolios, international assets, and retirement funds. We ensure thorough asset discovery, accurate valuation, and equitable distribution while maintaining privacy and minimizing conflict. Our approach is methodical and detail-oriented, aimed at achieving a fair resolution that safeguards your financial future. Whether negotiating out-of-court settlements or advocating in court, we prioritize your interests and strive to minimize the financial and emotional impacts of divorce.

Domestic Partnerships:

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services for domestic partnerships, ensuring that the rights and responsibilities of partners are protected under the law. Whether you are considering entering into a domestic partnership or need assistance with dissolution, our experienced attorneys offer knowledgeable guidance and support. We assist couples in understanding the legal implications of domestic partnerships, including matters related to property rights, healthcare decision-making, and financial responsibilities. Our goal is to help partners establish agreements that reflect their intentions and protect their interests. In cases of partnership dissolution, we navigate clients through the legal process with care and efficiency, working to achieve fair and equitable resolutions that prioritize the well-being of both partners. Our firm is committed to providing personalized attention and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each domestic partnership.

Complex Businesses & Property Divorces:

Our firm specializes in divorces involving complex business interests and substantial property assets, catering to clients who require sophisticated legal solutions. We understand that the division of complex assets such as partnerships, S Corporations, limited liability companies, trusts, and diverse investment vehicles demands expert legal knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. We provide strategic guidance through the intricate aspects of valuing and dividing these types of assets, ensuring compliance with both marital and business law. Our team is adept at handling cases that involve multiple income sources, royalties, inherited trusts, and intricate financial instruments, always aiming to protect your investments and interests throughout the divorce process. Additionally, we assist in the completion of all necessary business and legal documents, facilitating a smooth transition and continuity for any business entities involved. Our goal is to achieve a resolution that respects your business acumen and personal needs, minimizing disruption and preserving the value of your assets.

Family Business

Our family law practice provides specialized services for divorces that involve business interests, ensuring both personal and commercial concerns are addressed with the highest professionalism and discretion. We understand that businesses represent not only financial assets but also years of hard work and dedication. Our attorneys are experienced in navigating the complexities of divorces where one or both parties own a business or have substantial business interests. We offer comprehensive legal support, from valuing business assets and facilitating equitable division to handling negotiations that protect your business operations and future. In addition to our legal advocacy, we provide meticulous assistance with the completion of all necessary business documents affected by the divorce process. Whether it’s restructuring agreements, updating ownership documents, or ensuring compliance with business continuity requirements, our firm stands ready to support you in maintaining the integrity and functionality of your business during this transitional period.

Inheritance & Trust Divorces:

Our firm assists in divorces where substantial inherited assets and trusts play a critical role. We offer expert legal guidance for situations where one or both spouses have received significant assets through inheritance that may or may not have been commingled with marital property. This divorce type addresses the complexities of divorces involving separate trusts, diverse property portfolios, and varied investment accounts established before or during the marriage. Our approach ensures that such assets are properly classified and protected according to the terms of any pre-existing trusts and marital agreements, while also respecting the equitable division laws applicable in divorce proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Families:

Choose a path to resolution that minimizes conflict and promotes harmony. Our Alternative Dispute Resolution services offer a confidential and less adversarial approach to family disputes. Specializing in mediation and arbitration, we help families resolve their differences outside of the traditional courtroom setting, saving time and reducing stress. This approach not only expedites the process but also enhances privacy, making it ideal for those who value discretion and wish to achieve amicable solutions efficiently.

Estate Protection & Divorces:

Navigate your divorce with an eye toward the future. Our Estate Protection and Divorce Planning services ensure that your estate documents are updated and your heirs are protected throughout the divorce process. We provide comprehensive guidance on wills, trusts, and guardianship appointments, ensuring that your estate planning aligns seamlessly with the changes in your personal life. Our team is dedicated to safeguarding your legacy and ensuring that your wishes are respected and preserved during and after your divorce.

Highly Confidential Divorces:

For clients seeking the utmost privacy during their family law proceedings, our High-Confidentiality Family Law services offer an enhanced level of discretion and protection. We specialize in handling cases where maintaining confidentiality is paramount, utilizing legal strategies that minimize public exposure and protect personal information. Whether it's through sealed records, private negotiations, protective orders on document disclosures, or discreet handling of sensitive issues, we can provide the meticulous care needed to safeguard your privacy throughout your legal journey.

Thanks to Cinocca Law, my business has solid legal support. From crafting essential agreements to tackling ownership changes, confidentiality agreements, copyright, payroll & other challenges, they're always available to protect our interests. Terry Tidwell, President & CEO Miracle Studios Creative, Inc.

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Legal Insights on Family Law Matters in Oklahoma

Tulsa Family Law Divorce Attorney

Reliable Legal Solutions You Can Trust

If you are visiting this page, we understand you may be undergoing one of the most stressful times in your life. You may be ready for divorce or just considering it as an option, if things do not improve. The factors many of our clients expressed as grounds for divorce, do not necessarily match the legally recognized grounds for divorce, but they come close. To see legally recognized grounds for divorce in Oklahoma go here. In a nutshell, our typical client faces the dissolution of their marriage after serious emotional separation, infidelity, substance abuse, financial strain, lack of emotional and physical intimacy, or from a simple desire to be free. Sometimes, there is abuse or serious problems with children. Whatever your situation, rest assured the Courts are well equipped to handle the separation of assets and liabilities and time shares with the children. It is not equipped to handle the emotional wounds and scars it can leave. If you need more time to consult with counselors, pastors, friends or family, take that time you need. It is a big decision. Some pre-divorce planning may be warranted, depending on your situation as well. As far as the financial, aspect of divorce, know your current monthly budget and how it will change in divorce. Your divorce is very much part of a financial plan, as well as the separation of a home and its residents.

Is Divorce Imminent? Please watch the video below about what to expect. Complete the Domestic Relations Interview Sheet and assemble the documents described on the Marital Assets and Debts list. If you have children of the marriage, also watch our video here. Be aware that decisions making affecting your children should always consider those children’s best interests. Please contact us to discuss representation.

If you have cost questions, know that no attorney can guarantee the time and expense in a divorce. We devised a Divorce Fee Calculator with the factors we have seen that dramatically cause the cost of a divorce to increase. Feel free to study the calculator which is an interactive program. Whenever you provide an answer that is not the default selected answer, the calculation will increase. This does not necessarily mean that will be the cost of your divorce if that happens in your case, but the more yous elect answers to questions that cause the Calculator cost to rise, the more expensive your case will be than if the default answer applied to you. We hope armed with that knowledge, you can plan to avoid unnecessary expense- increasing factors in your divorce. We are happy to answer any basic questions and to further assist with that we have assembled information on this site. Oklahoma’s First Divorce Attorney Fee Calculator as of 2015.

And, now, “You or Your Spouse Just Filed for a Divorce. Now what?”

Every Divorce: Assets and Debts

In every divorce, we must have a full accounting of the marital assets and debts. It is important that you know the assets and debts you have incurred during your marriage versus what was yours before the marriage that has not been co-mingled. If you are not familiar with these things, try to be as soon as possible. This will help you have a smoother and more cost efficient divorce. Before you begin your divorce, consider the information requested on the two worksheets here and here. These worksheets have been assembled by numerous lawyers in Oklahoma for the benefit of the public. It is helpful to attempt to locate as much of this information as you can and answer these questions before your meeting with your lawyer or shortly thereafter.

Also, please consider the personal property at issue in your divorce. To the extent these items can be separated by agreement of both parties, usually the better for all involved. When the separation of personal property becomes an issue, we also request both parties to complete an additional worksheet listing those items and their value.

It is important for your attorney to understand the reasons for your divorce and how those factors could impact the reasonableness, goals and objectives of the parties. As a practical matter, the Courts want an accounting and to help separate equitably the assets and debts of the divorce without addressing more personal issues unless it impacts children in a divorce.

Divorce with Children

Initial Custody Determination

It is always preferable if the parties can agree as to custody and visitation issues. First, you should consider who the primary custodian should be. Then, consider what time split arrangement will work best for the children based on their needs and the parents’ abilities. If this is expected to be a hot issue in your divorce, then begin preparation of your claims. List what you want that is in your children’s best interest as far as custody and time share. Then, list the reasons why this is in their best interests. List the strengths and weaknesses of each parent. Discuss with Ms. Cinocca what documents or other evidence will best prove your claims. There are many options possible.

Modification of Custody Determination

If you would like to modify a prior custody determination, you need to begin your preparation by listing every material change of circumstance that has occurred since the prior custody order in support of your request to change the custody or visitation schedule. A Timeline of events is especially helpful for counsel and your personal preparation for testifying in Court. Discuss with Ms. Cinocca the documents you have or which could be acquired in support of your claims.

Emergency Custody Determination

The preparation for a request for Emergency Custody is usually rushed. It is imperative if you seek emergency custody that you prepare as soon as possible when you learn of the potential for danger to your child or children. Prepare a Timeline of events in support of your fear that harm may result to the children if an emergency award of custody is not made. Contact Ms. Cinocca immediately and advise her or her staff that this is an emergency rush situation!

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of your divorce will vary depending on many factors. Many of these factors are posed as questions to you on our Divorce Attorney Fee Calculator. Consider those factors present in your case. Notice the default boxes marked are the least expensive options. Remember, if you and your spouse agree, you can have us prepare the documents for an Agreed Divorce at a flat rate! This results in substantial cost savings for you.

All other cases are typically billed in quarterly increments paid from a prepaid replenishing retainer. During the first ninety days, many people are on an emotional roller coaster. They need time to adjust to their new situation in life and come to terms with the advice of their counsel. For those feeling crisis, much expense can be incurred during this time as well as for those parties who require a trial unable to settle amicably.

We have an excellent attorney fee calculator that can be found here, for your convenience. Our firm strives to meet the goals and objectives of our clients within their budgetary constraints and needs. It is expensive enough to pay a family law attorney without unnecessarily churning litigation when the cost to benefit ratio is low. Complex family law litigation is how our firm began in this practice area from business law clientele. So if you have a higher asset divorce, we can also perform those services for you while protecting the record for appeal.

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