Golden Rule: Resources Video for Access to Justice

Golden Rule Resources

Access to Justice. We all want it. We all need it. Sometimes it may elude us, or we might not know where or how to get it.

As a longtime attorney, I too often see unnecessary damage done to people- emotionally, financially, & physically.

It may be situations such as: being singled out in a negative way, or bullying which can happen at school, online, at work, or even at home.

If only we could all follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Since not every situation may require legal action, justice can come in many forms. You’ll find a list of resources below, for help on a wide range of difficulties you may be facing.

Remember there is help, and there is hope.

Visit our Golden Rule Resources website for resources to help you through any type of trouble. Any input or suggestions are appreciated as we plan to grow this list with more resources, blogs on charities listed there and updates. If you would like your charity included send us an email! If you have an issue not addressed on this website, let us know if we might be able to at least guide you in the right direction.