Street School: A Golden Rule Resource


Our Golden Rule page lists many organizations with resources to help those in need. One of those organizations, and one of our favorites, is Street School. Street School provides a unique opportunity to students who are unable to complete their studies in the traditional Tulsa public school system. This non-profit offers a tuition-free alternative high school. It provides education and counseling to it\’s students. This combination is the foundation for it\’s unique \”dropout prevention, intervention & recovery program accredited by Tulsa Public Schools for students in grades 9 through 12.\”

Only students who genuinely want to complete high school are allowed. This includes students who have experienced personal tragedies in their families or health, made a serious mistake they regret, and even some who have become pregnant. Street School is there for these children who failed in a traditional academic environment to give them another chance to succeed without a lifetime punishment for their past. A student must apply to Street School. This process maintains the small personalized learning environment. The student body is capped at ninety-six students. This results in a 13:1 student-to-teacher ration and a 15:1: student-to-counselor ration. With more personalized attention these children with difficult histories are able to overcome their tragedies and graduate high school.

Street School offers a modified block schedule that allows students to focus on two classes over a six week period of time, while regularly meeting with a counselor. These six weeks make up a \’session\’ and every session some students graduate or move on from Street School, allowing new incoming students from the wait list.

The school\’s four foundation guidelines are, as follows:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Personal Accountability
  • Direct Communication
  • Community

All students are expected to exemplify these guidelines to ensure a safe, peaceful, respectful, and enriching learning environment.

If you wish to learn more about what Street School can do for you, check out their Admissions & Orientation page. Or, if you want to see how you can do for Street School, check out their opportunities for mentoring, interning, or donations. Street School has fabulous opportunities to donate to their cause with excellent art for auction made by the students, and other events. Tulsa Street School enjoys support from your generosity.