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It’s About Safety – Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death: “It has been shown that to injury anyone is never just anywhere”- Socrates This is a great quote, it is the reverse axiom of the Golden Rule. Personal injury law covers a lot of ground of many different situations of people who are injured. People generally think of legal actions […]

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How to Choose a Lawyer Video

The first video I made several years ago is called “How to Choose A Lawyer.” Here is what I said which still applies.  First, you want to make sure that your attorney is qualified. Second, you want to see if you like the attorney’s personality and if you think they’re a good match for you. Third, you […]

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Advance Directives in Health Law & DNR’s

People spend much money and time planning for estate and health needs. It need not be expensive or mired in delay. Examples of estate planning for your health care needs, include easy-to-execute standard forms. These are as follows: Advance Directive, 63 O.S. § 3101.4; Advance Directive for Mental Health Care, 43A O.S. § 11-106; and Do Not Resuscitate […]

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